Revisiting Top Flr

A couple of weeks ago, Nicky, The Piper and I all found ourselves with an open night and a need for some guaranteed good libations. It had been a while since we had spent an evening at Top Flr, so we headed over to check out some of the new cocktails on the menu. We … Continue reading Revisiting Top Flr

Prohibition hosts American Luxury Whiskey Tasting

NOTE:  With Nicky unable to attend the recent “American Luxury Whiskey Tasting” sponsored by Pearson’s Wine at Prohibition, I was joined instead by Bernard (aka The Woodpecker) for an afternoon of some fine whiskey and conversation. “Drinking Bourbon and Rye at Atlanta’s Only Speakeasy” by guest blogger, Bernard “The Woodpecker” My adventure starts with a … Continue reading Prohibition hosts American Luxury Whiskey Tasting

Lucid at Prohibition

I don’t think there is a more misunderstood liquor than absinthe.  To this day, if you ask people about it, you’ll get questions like, “Isn’t that the stuff that makes you hallucinate?” or “Doesn’t it make you go insane?”  Yet, in all the research that has been done in recent years there is no evidence … Continue reading Lucid at Prohibition