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  1. Great meeting you both at the H. Harper Station Bourbon tasting last Thursday evening. I mentioned that I had a great cocktail at a new place recently, but couldn’t remember where. Well…I figured it out. If you haven’t already, check out the Wrecking Bar on Moreland in LIttle 5. They feature home-brewed beers, but also had some interesting cocktails. I had a 10 Cane rum-based cocktail, called the Hemingway…it was great! Here’s a link to their drink menu:

    Hope to run into you again!


    1. Great to meet you as well. Thanks for the follow up on the conversation. You’re the second person to mention Wrecking Bar to us, so it’s definitely going on our list. Will let you know what we try.

      FYI, here’s the link to our hand-crafted cocktail map –,-84.353006&spn=0.009401,0.021136 . Let us know if you find something you like.

      See you soon!

      Charlie (aka Nicky)

  2. OK I have ALWAYS been a Scotch drinker… the smokier the better, but YOU GUYS have totally turned me on to alternatives… Manhattans rule right now.

    That said, What is it: Vodka Martini base, but mulled with a sprig of mint and lemon zest. 1.2 the simple syrup because after all I don’t like it too sweet.

    2 Oz Vodka, 1/2 oz dry vermouth (Dolin or nothing) and a dash of simple syrup. Fresh Mint sprig (just pulled, then whipped and finally muddled with a good portion of lemon zest). one number 2 right now.

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