Tippling at The Pinewood

Last evening Katruska and I were finally able to make it over to The Pinewood Tippling Room located in Decatur in the old Cakes & Ale space. The space has been converted into a modern take on the standard American bar/restaurant with both the kitchen and bar focusing on re-interpretations of classic recipes. This is … Continue reading Tippling at The Pinewood

Arabian Nights: Tales of an Underground Dinner

Arabian Nights. It conjures up visions of mystical, exotic, and adventurous tales. Last Saturday night at Jenny Levison’s Secret Underground Dinner, her Arabian Nights theme brought all that and more. The incredible David Sweeney (Dynamic Dish, Restaurant Eugene) provided an scrumptious menu of Middle Eastern delights, while Tom Murphy (Murphy’s) provided some fabulous wines. Nicky … Continue reading Arabian Nights: Tales of an Underground Dinner

I’ll Take Manhattan

There are as many approaches toward a Manhattan as there are to, well, Manhattan itself. Bourbon or rye? Broadway or the Village? What type of vermouth? See a musical or a drama? Ice or straight up? Cab or subway? No wrong answers. Well, maybe a couple, but we won’t judge. Lately, we’ve had several requests … Continue reading I’ll Take Manhattan

Revisiting Top Flr

A couple of weeks ago, Nicky, The Piper and I all found ourselves with an open night and a need for some guaranteed good libations. It had been a while since we had spent an evening at Top Flr, so we headed over to check out some of the new cocktails on the menu. We … Continue reading Revisiting Top Flr

Prohibition hosts American Luxury Whiskey Tasting

NOTE:  With Nicky unable to attend the recent “American Luxury Whiskey Tasting” sponsored by Pearson’s Wine at Prohibition, I was joined instead by Bernard (aka The Woodpecker) for an afternoon of some fine whiskey and conversation. “Drinking Bourbon and Rye at Atlanta’s Only Speakeasy” by guest blogger, Bernard “The Woodpecker” My adventure starts with a … Continue reading Prohibition hosts American Luxury Whiskey Tasting

Mandy at the Races

It’s no secret that Katruska and I have had a torrid love affair with bourbons, ryes, scotches…well, most whiskeys, for a while now.  However, bourbon seems to hold a special place in our hearts.  We love them neat, in Manhattans, in Old Fashioneds, and, of course, in juleps.    Especially in juleps.  It all started … Continue reading Mandy at the Races