Vintage Cocktail Project: The “Barnum Was Right” Cocktail

Back in the early days of crafted cocktails, there were only so many ingredients available for use. Today we have every type of infusion, flavors, and unique liqueurs imaginable! (Well, almost. There will always be surprises.) As you read through the vintage cocktail recipes in this project you will notice a great deal of similarity … Continue reading Vintage Cocktail Project: The “Barnum Was Right” Cocktail

The Mint Julep

            ’Tis said that the gods on Olympus of old (And who the bright legend profanes with a doubt?) One night, ’mid their revels, by Bacchus were told That his last butt of nectar had somehow run out! But determined to send round the goblet once more They sued to … Continue reading The Mint Julep

Snow Cream Delight

Growing up we only experienced snow once every couple of years. But when we did my mom always put out a big ceramic bowl to collect what she would call “clean snow.” And my brother and I knew what that meant: Snow Cream! Years later and I still love snow cream. Part of it is … Continue reading Snow Cream Delight