Tippling at The Pinewood

Last evening Katruska and I were finally able to make it over to The Pinewood Tippling Room located in Decatur in the old Cakes & Ale space. The space has been converted into a modern take on the standard American bar/restaurant with both the kitchen and bar focusing on re-interpretations of classic recipes. This is … Continue reading Tippling at The Pinewood

Prohibition hosts American Luxury Whiskey Tasting

NOTE:  With Nicky unable to attend the recent “American Luxury Whiskey Tasting” sponsored by Pearson’s Wine at Prohibition, I was joined instead by Bernard (aka The Woodpecker) for an afternoon of some fine whiskey and conversation. “Drinking Bourbon and Rye at Atlanta’s Only Speakeasy” by guest blogger, Bernard “The Woodpecker” My adventure starts with a … Continue reading Prohibition hosts American Luxury Whiskey Tasting