Mamie Yes, Mamie No?

The Mamie Taylor cocktail. Every heard of it? No? You’re not alone. This under-appreciated classic is not even on the menu of most modern hallowed halls of cocktails.  This long forgotten libation first appeared in print in The Bartender’s Book by Jack T0wnsend in 1952. However, by this point, the Mamie Taylor was already long … Continue reading Mamie Yes, Mamie No?

A Twist of the Lion’s Tail

When you hear the phrase “twisting the lion’s tail”, a cocktail is not the first thing that comes to mind.  Most likely visions of violence on the African plains as a result of an ill-advised activity spring to mind.  But, in the 1930s, “twisting the lion’s tail” was American slang for anything distinctly British.  Based … Continue reading A Twist of the Lion’s Tail

The Bitter Edge of a Honeymoon

No, we haven’t traded cocktails for couples counseling.  The honeymoon that we’re talking about is the Honeymoon Cocktail.  This vintage cocktail originally appeared in the Hugo Ensslin’s book, Recipes for Mixed Drinks, in 1917, but was made famous as the signature cocktail at the Brown Derby in Los Angeles.  Since then it’s been through many … Continue reading The Bitter Edge of a Honeymoon