Vintage Cocktail Project: East India Cocktail

The phrase “East India” in the late 1800s conjured up exotic images of ancient cultures, mysterious religions, and cocktails.  Well, at least one…cocktail that is.  The original East India Cocktail recipe first appeared in Harry Johnson’s book New and Improved Bartender’s Manual in 1882 and it was an amalgamation of liquors from many parts of … Continue reading Vintage Cocktail Project: East India Cocktail

Mandy at the Races

It’s no secret that Katruska and I have had a torrid love affair with bourbons, ryes, scotches…well, most whiskeys, for a while now.  However, bourbon seems to hold a special place in our hearts.  We love them neat, in Manhattans, in Old Fashioneds, and, of course, in juleps.    Especially in juleps.  It all started … Continue reading Mandy at the Races

Lucid at Prohibition

I don’t think there is a more misunderstood liquor than absinthe.  To this day, if you ask people about it, you’ll get questions like, “Isn’t that the stuff that makes you hallucinate?” or “Doesn’t it make you go insane?”  Yet, in all the research that has been done in recent years there is no evidence … Continue reading Lucid at Prohibition