To The Bitter End

Bitters.  The name alone turns most people off, but when handled correctly this decidedly herbaceous liquor can create magic on the palate.  It can not only encompass bitter elements, but also can include a wide spectrum of spicy, sweet, sour, and so much more.  So, let’s get started on our journey to the bitter end. … Continue reading To The Bitter End

The Bitter Edge of a Honeymoon

No, we haven’t traded cocktails for couples counseling.  The honeymoon that we’re talking about is the Honeymoon Cocktail.  This vintage cocktail originally appeared in the Hugo Ensslin’s book, Recipes for Mixed Drinks, in 1917, but was made famous as the signature cocktail at the Brown Derby in Los Angeles.  Since then it’s been through many … Continue reading The Bitter Edge of a Honeymoon