Vintage Cocktail Project: Doctor Cocktail

5 thoughts on “Vintage Cocktail Project: Doctor Cocktail”

  1. Hey, just hopped over to this website from stumbleupon. This isn’t not something I would normally read, but I loved your spin on it. Thanx for making an article worth reading!

  2. Hey, just hopped over to this site from reddit. It’s not an article I would normally read, but I liked your spin on it. Thank you for making a piece worth reading!

  3. Very nice drink to visit! Thing is, Aalborg Akvavit tastes absolutely nothing like Swedish punsch, so your doctor was unlicensed. 😉 They’re entirely different products, with Swedish punsch being a Batavia arrack-based punch flavored with rum, sugar, citrus and spices, and aquavit being a caraway-flavored clear spirit.

    You can make your own Swedish punsch from recipes:

    Or just wait a bit for the new commercially-produced Swedish punsch arriving soon for the first time in many years!

    Try it again and see what you think.

    1. Thanks for the information. It appears we we confused the labels now that you point it out. Will definitely try that one again now that’s sorted out. Slainte!

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